Cricut Joy Pens - Fine Point/Glitter Gel/Metallic Markers - Pack of 3

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​- Joy pens by Cricut
- Type of pen available:
- Fine Point (0.4mm)
- Glitter Gel (0.8mm)
- Metallic Markers (1.0mm)
- Colours available:
- Fine Point: Red/Green/Violet or Black/Brown/Grey
- Glitter Gel: Pink/Blue/Green or Black/Gold/Silver
- Metallic Markers: Violet/Silver/Copper or Gold/Silver/Blue
- Fine point pens add a delicate touch to written or drawn projects, big or small. Ideal for writing messages or phrases
- Glitter gel pens adds a special touch with the eye catching sparkle and silky gel that will enhance any project
- Metallic markers adds a punch of bold, beautiful colour to any project. Ideal for party invitations, banners, cards, thank you notes and more

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