630 x DMC Stitch Bow Floss Holder Number Stickers

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- Stitchbow Floss Holder Number Stickers by DMC
- 630 Stickers in each pack
- Includes all solid and variegated DMC Embroidery Floss colour numbers
- Can be used on plastic and cardboard bobbins
- Ideal for getting your Floss threads all organised
- We also sell the Stitch Bow Floss holders as well as the ring binder and file inserts
- The Ring Binder Folder allows you to store all your DMC Threads,Skeins on Stitchbow Holders within plastic sleeves
- The plastic file inserts can be labelled/numbered so you can easily identify the colours quickly by using these stickers
- Simply slide your Stitchbow Floss Holders into the slots in the file inserts to safely and securely store your threads/skeins

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