Boye Ergonomic Aluminium Crochet Hook Handle Fits 2.25mm - 6.5mm

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- Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hook Handle
- From Simplicity Boye
- Suitable for crochet hooks sizes 2.25mm - 6.5mm (B -K )
- Ergonomic Handle + 8 Adaptors
- Directions for use:
1) Hold Longer Section (bottom) of ergonomic handle in one hand. Twist the top section, one-half turn, counter clockwise and pull apart
2) Insert handle end of crochet hook into the bottom half of ergonomic handle
3) Slide appropriate size washer over the head of crochet hook and push down to the thumb rest (see chart on packaging to determine washer to use for each size crochet hook)
4) Place the top of the ergonomic handle over the head of the crochet hook. Press and twist gently to lock in place

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