Creativ Papier-maché pulp

Creativ Papier-maché pulp

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- Papier-mâché pulp is durable and colourfast pulverised paper for making papier-mâché figures
- Dries out and becomes robust despite its lightness
- Stir with water

- The pulverised paper has been pre-applied with a little adhesive, so you only need to mix it with water
- Mixing ratio: 3 parts pulp and 1 part water
- Make a little at a time, as the pulp is very efficient to use
- Mix by stirring to a porridge-like consistency and model the pulp into a solid consistency with your hands
- You might like to make the pulp 1 day before you need it and store it in a bucket with a lid
- Press, shape and smooth the pulp on top of non-absorbent items, or model it into small flat items on e.g. a plastic pocket
- The thicker the layer – the longer the drying time
- Leave to dry in a warm place for 3- 7 days

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