Decoart DuraClear/Triple Thick Varnish/Gloss - All Types

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- Decoart DuraClear Varnish Gloss 2oz (59ml) / 8oz (236ml)
- Brush-on polyurethane, non-yellowing varnish that forms a tough, flexible, clear finish
- Dries quickly
- Can be used on most hard craft surfaces, both interior and exterior
- Apply on Wood, Plaster, Tin, Resins, Ceramic bisque, Papier Mache, Terracotta, and Plastic
- Durable, non-yellowing, non-toxic
- Forms a weatherproof, protective seal on both indoor and outdoor surfaces
- Protects surfaces from chemicals such as alcohol and resists water stains or rings
- Wont puddle
- Brush strokes wont show
- No smelly fumes
- Clean up with soap and water
- Can be used for decoupage crafts

- Decoart Triple Thick Brush Gloss Ct 2oz (59ml) / 8oz (236ml) / 8oz (236ml Tub WIDE MOUTH)
- Triple Thick Gloss Glaze is ideal for adding a glazed ceramic look to a variety of hard craft surfaces
- Because it is extra-thick, only one coat is needed for most surfaces
- Can be applied on Wood, Wicker, Plaster, Papier Mache, Resins, Painted china, Pre-primed metal, Pinecones, Jewellery, Bisque, Artificial Flowers and more
- Goes on smoothly with no stroke marks
- Finish results provide the illusion of depth and creates a glazed ceramic look
- Resists cracking

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