Hemline Sewing Machine Needles - Medium/Fine/Heavy

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- Hemline Klasse Universal sewing machine needles
- Each pack contains 5 sewing machine needles (Except titanium which contain 3)
- Designed to fit most sewing machines including; Berina, Bernette, Brother, Elna, Husqvarna, Janome, New Home, Pfaff, Simplicity, Singer, Toyota, Viking
- Sizes: 70/09; for use on lighter weight, natural, woven fabric
80/11; light-medium weight natural, woven fabric
90/14; medium weight natural, woven fabric
100/16; heavy weight thick fabrics such as curtains, rugs, upholstery
- Assorted packs include:
Assorted 70-90; 2x (70/10), 2x (80/12), 1x (90/14)
Assorted Fine 60-80; 2x (60/8), 2x (70/10), 1x (80/12)
Assorted Heavy 80-100; 1x (80/12), 2x (90/14), 2x (100/16)
- Titanium: 3x Needles with a titanium coating. The latest technology in machine needles; the titanium coating dramatically increases the strength of needle surface and a resistance to heat, this improves the durability of the needle point significantly
- Suitable for domestic/ home sewing machines (not industrial)

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