King Cole Knitting Patterns 9054 - Halloween Skull, Eyeballs & Monster Tinsel

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  • Knitting pattern by King Cole - Leaflet 9054.
  • Halloween cushions in Tinsel Chunky.
  • Pattern Features: Eyeball cushion; 14" round cushion.
    Cats eye cushion; 14" round cushion.
    Skull; 14"x 14" square skull cushion.
    Monster 14"x 14" Square monster cushion.
  • Pattern requires: Eye ball cushion; 6x 50g Tinsel Chunky.
    Cats eye cushion; 5x 50g Tinsel Chunky.
    Skull cushion; 8x 50g Tinsel Chunky.
    Monster cushion; 8x 50g Tinsel Chunky.
  • Please see the second image for garment/item sizes and number of balls/needles required.
  • This pattern is suitable with Tinsel Chunky, we recommend making a tension square prior to knitting.
  • Please note: this is for the pattern and not the finished product.
  • We do not fold our patterns and all patterns are sent in board-backed envelopes.

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