KnitPro Magnetic Knitters Necklace Kit - Stitch Holders Cable Needles Knitting

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- Premium quality magnetic necklace & accessories by KnitPro
- Choose from 2 designs:
Cherry Berry
Natural Hues 
- These necklaces from KnitPro are designed to hold the magnetic stitch holders and cable needles to allow you to knit with ease
- No more misplacing your knitting accessories!
- The necklace pendant is made from the popular KnitPro coloured wood embedded with magnets and on a leather cord
- Comes with a lovely fabric pouch to keep all the accessories together
- Each kit includes:
1x Necklace
3x Cable needles (different sizes)
20x Stitch markers
​1x Fabric pouch to store kit
- Please select the design you wish to purchase using the drop down menu above
- WARNING: Magnets can have a dangerous effect on medical devices and/or implants such as pacemakers, so ensure that you ALWAYS keep the pendant away from such implants of other magnetic devices

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