KnitPro Metal Cable Needles - Bent/Straight/Curved - 2.5mm / 3mm / 3.5mm - Knitting

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​Premium Metal Cable Needles from KnitPro
- 3 different needles:
Cranked Cable Needle
Regular Curved Cable Needles / J Shaped
Double pointed Cable Needle
Set of all 3 (includes 1 of each above)
- Cable needles are used for when you wish to form a cable and are used to hold stitches to the front or back of your work
- Please choose each that you require and add to your basket or select the Set of 3 option for 1x of each cable needled
- These are also designed to work with the magnetic KnitPro necklace which allows you to keep your cable needles, stitch markers and more to hand without losing them

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