KnitPro Zooni Bead Stitch Markers - Assorted Designs - Knitting Crochet

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- Premium quality bead stitch markers by KnitPro
- Sets of 7 or 12 (see below)
- Sets of 7: Orange Lily, Midnight Beauty, Bluebell, Tangerine, Amaryllis, Holly and Amaranth (inlcudes 1 unique marker to mark end/beginning)
- Sets of 12: Smileys, Gems, Skull Candy, Meow, Peace and Blooming Blue
- These stitch markers are ideal for making and end of a row in circular knitting
- Great for marking the row at a specific place
- Use on your needle to mark stitches and hang on your knitting to mark rows
- Very easy to slip onto your needles whilst working
- Doesn't slip out of a stitch 
- Catch dropped stitches

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