Marbet Waterproof Adhesive Tear Cover Patches 10x16cm - All Colours

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- Marbet self adhesive nylon repair patches
- Waterproof
- Made from 86% Polyester & 14% Polyurethane in Italy
- Size: 16cm x 10cm
- Ideal solution for mending/covering small holes, marks or tears on waterproof clothing and apparel including, coats, workwear, jackets, tents, umbrellas, bags, ski wear, acetate and more!
- Easy to apply
- Suitable for use on polyester, viscose and other synthetic materials
- Can be cut to your own desired shape and size
- Can be used for decoration as well as for mending
- To ensure your patch is 100% secure we recommend sewing round the edges of your patch (this will reduce the chances of the patch falling off)
- Hand wash only, iron, tumble dry or dry clean. Do not bleach

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