Peel N Stick Fabric Fuse Press On Adhesive Sheets 10 x 5cm x 6cm

Peel N Stick Fabric Fuse Press On Adhesive Sheets 10 x 5cm x 6cm

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- Peel n Stick From Therm O Web
- Size 5.4cm x 6.4cm (x 10 Sheets)
- Great adhesive for: Fabric, Patches, Scout Badges, Merit Badges, Fabric Shapes, Appliqués and more
- PeelnStick® is a thin sheet of press-on (no sew) adhesive which is a double sided adhesive for bonding fabrics, appliqués etc, without the need for sewing
- Perfect product for those times when your sewing machine is broken, or if you do not have a sewing machine
- Benefits of PeelnStick® Adhesive Strips:
- Permanent Adhesive
- Quick & easy application (no sewing required)
- Affordable and excellent quality
- Comes in a slim packet to make it easy to store in your sewing basket or bag etc
- Directions for use: (these are included on packaging)
1) Pre-wash all materials without fabric softeners. Pretest adhesive on materials before starting project
2) Cut adhesive sheet to size of item. Peel off paper liner
3) Place item face-up onto adhesive and press firmly
4) Peel off paper backing, fold any excess adhesive onto back of item. Place item onto fabric
5) Rub with firm pressure, especially around edges. Repeat on back side of item.
6) For wearables, tumble dry (low) for 15 minutes, then rub front and back of item with firm pressure
- Small picture instructions are also included on the reverse of the packaging

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