Prym Maxi Knitting Mill - Semi Automatic Knitting

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​- Prym maxi semi automatic knitting mill
- Suitable for knitting hats, tubular scarves, cushions, & more
- The maxi knitting mill is the largest of Pryms product line
- Stitch counts: 
44 stitches for circular knits pieces
40 Stitches for flat knit pieces

- Precise thread guidance & tension device for incoming threads ensures ideal thread tension, creating an even stitch structure
- Knit mill helps inexperienced knitters to knit caps, scarves, & pillow cases
- Easy to change colours by knotting wools together
- Almost all hand knitting yarns are suitable, but you must adapt the thread tension appropriately

- Includes a detailed instruction manual
- Please note: the plaster needle is taped to the plastic bag that the legs come in

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