Rit Liquid Dye - All Purpose Dye For Fabric Plastic Nylon Wood - 236ml Bottles

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- Rit Liquid Dye All Purpose dye for fabrics, plastics, nylon, wood and more!
- 236ml bottles (7 fl oz.)
- Rit Liquid Dye works best with washable, natural fabrics including:
- 100% cotton, linen, silk, ramie and wool
- Synthetics (nylon, rayon)
- Blends (must include at least 60% dyeable fiber, such as above) however, these tint evenly and will not achieve full colour
- Nylon-based plastic (i.e. fasteners, buttons, golf balls and more
- Other natural materials including feathers, paper, wood, cork and wicker
- Please be aware there are materials that Rit Dye will not dye including:
- Fabrics made from 100% polyester, acetate spandex, fibreglass, acrylic or metallic fibers
- Polycarbonate plastics such as eyeglass frames
- Polyethylene plastics
- Fabrics with rubber backing (i.e. bath mats)
- Fabrics that have been finished with a coating (i.e. water/stain repellents)
- Fabrics that have been damaged by bleach or severe stains
- Fabrics that are only washable in cold water or labeled 'dry clean only'
- Made in USA under strict quality controls
- Please test your dye on a test piece of fabric before applying to your garment/fabric (we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes
- Please email us for full dyeing instructions and details (which can be found on the packs)
- If you wish to dye other synthetics then please look at our other item: Rit DyeMore Dye (specially designed formula for Synthetics)

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