Sew Easy Fabric Weights 4 Packs and 2 Packs - All - Designs

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- Double sided pattern cutting weights, to secure patterns to fabrics while cutting without using pins
- Ideal alternative to use with delicate fabrics as using these avoids snags and pin marks
- 4 Packs Comes with storage tin for easy transportation
- Each pattern weight weighs 75g and is 5cm in diameter and 5mm thick
- Helps fabric to lay flat naturally while cutting
- Designs to choose from:
- Birds (4pcs)
- Notions (4pcs)
- Bees (4pcs)
- Daisy (4pcs)
- Birds (2pcs)
- Notions (2pcs)
- Bees (2pcs)
- Daisy (2pcs)

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