Woodware Fingerguard Paper Trimmers & Accessories (T800)

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- Woodware Fingerguard Paper Trimmer and accessories
- All from the Woodware Craft Collection brand
- Please be aware you need to select each item you wish to purchase (using the drop down menu above) and add each to your basket
- Items available:
- Pack of 2 Straight Replacement Blades
- Pack of 2 Replacement Blades (1x Perforating & 1x Scoring)
- Pack of 2 Cutting Strips/Channel Mats for trimmer (can be used on both sides; fits T20002 & T80002 trimmers; length 349mm x 10mm x 2mm approximately)
- Trimmer (including 2 blades: 1x Straight & 1x Scoring)
- The Woodware Fingerguard Paper Trimmer is perfect for all your card making and scrapbooking needs
- Able to handle paper up to 30cm (ideal for 12x12 scrapbooking paper)
- Built with interchangeable safety system and unique concealed blade design (user unable to touch any sharp edge when changing blade, feeding paper or trimming)
- Instructions included on the reverse of the packaging

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